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Firstly, If you want to buy cannabis, be it for medical or recreational purposes, you should purchase it from a licensed dispensary like megabuddispensary.com Currently, 28 states allow medical marijuana dispensaries, and among those, eight states and the District of Columbia allow recreational dispensaries to do business. Marijuana dispensaries are safe, regulated establishments that often carry everything you need to learn about, grow, and consume cannabis.

Marijuana dispensaries online are growing in popularity

Compared to Amsterdam, it took the Americans more than a generation to embrace the idea of setting up marijuana dispensaries. They are regulate by the local government and are generally situate inside a retail store or an office building. A person can buy marijuana as well as marijuana related items either for medical or recreational use.

The concept of marijuana dispensaries blossomed for the very first time in Amsterdam in the 1970s. They were referre to as coffee shops. Today, even if the Dutch shops allow consumption of marijuana on the site, this is forbidden in the (US). 

The first dispensary in the US went under the name of San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club and was founde in 1992. Washington became the second state that has developed a regulatory framework for those operating marijuana dispensaries with the aim of improving access to cannabis with regards to patients.

The first recreational patient attending the 3D Cannabis in Colorado in 2014 was Sean Azzariti, an Iraq War Veteran. Struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) but unable to obtain a medical license for his condition, he found relief at the dispensary.

Already in 2015, Americans spent more than $5 billion on legal marijuana and the trend is on the rise. Today, marijuana dispensaries are growing in popularity and more and more dispensaries are mushrooming across the country.

So, Harborside Health Center in California is a good example of a large shop and was even feature in a reality show. Another shop to make the headlines is Kind for Cures that converted a defunct KFC.

Medical and recreational dispensaries

In a typical medical dispensary, a patient is give marijuana medication as per the doctor’s recommendation. Despite federal laws, more than 23 states have regulated these dispensaries such as. Washington, California, Nevada, Illinois, New Jersey. New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Oregon and Minnesota amongst others.

Therefor certain of these states having regulated marijuana for recreational purposes equally have recreational dispensaries.

As collective gardens, dispensaries are allowe to grow their own marijuana. Medical and recreational dispensaries are regulate differently across the US. This implies that prices will automatically vary between the two.